Our Mission
Committed to supplying our customers with high quality, safe water along with outstanding customer service for current and future generations.

About The Elk Grove Water District

After a destructive fire swept through what is now Old Town, a group of citizens organized to build a water tank and drill a well in 1893. Those actions were the start of both the Elk Grove Water District (EGWD) and the Cosumnes CSD Fire Department. Within a few years, the water service was purchased by a local family. The Elk Grove Water Works served privately until 1999, when it was purchased by the Florin Resource Conservation District (FRCD). The name was first changed to the Elk Grove Water Service and then eventually to the Elk Grove Water District.

The EGWD provides water through a series of groundwater wells and a treatment and storage facility on Railroad Street. A second treatment facility on Hampton Oaks is currently undergoing rehabilitation and will shortly supplement the community needs. In addition, EGWD has a long term agreement with the Sacramento County Water Agency to purchase additional water supplies. About 30 employees work for EGWD, governed by a five member, publicly elected, board of directors.

Information about EGWD's priorities and goals can be located in the Florin Resource Conservation District/Elk Grove Water District 2012 -2017 Strategic Plan. The FY 2016-2020 Capital Improvement Program offers specific details about a variety of maintenance, improvement and system replacement projects planned for this year and coming years. Other sources of information include the Operating Budgets and Comprehensive Audit Financial Reports. EGWD received the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence in 2013 from the Special District Leadership Foundation "in recognition of the district's completion of all transparency program requirements designed to promote transparency in their operations and governance to the public and other stakeholders."

Members of the public are welcome at FRCD/EGWD board meetings, which are usually held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at the Cosumnes Community Services District's offices on Elk Grove Blvd. Specific information about meetings can be located here.

Board members and employees of the FRCD and EGWD commit to the following values:

  • Leadership We are a team. The community is supported through mutual cooperation and respect. Great ideas come from many sources and we listen with an open mind.
  • Caring We care about the quality of our water, we care about our customers' satisfaction and we care about the quality of the working environment.
  • Integrity We are honest with one another, with our customers and with our industry partners. We maintain a quality operation that is fiscally sound and forthright. We want the trust and respect of our community and ratepayers.
  • Professionalism We are committed to standards of excellence, accuracy and superior conduct.
  • Vision We recognize that decisions we make today impact the future of this District and our community. We value our community's natural resources and actively seek ways to improve our services through local control and stewardship.